Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture

Picture the convenience of Mobile Deposit Capture.
Now depositing checks is convenient anytime... anywhere.


This new technology allows you to conveniently deposit checks written to your business by using our NPB Mobility Business APP on your smart phone. A clear picture of the front & back of the check is required as well as a valid endorsement, in order to successfully submit an electronic smart deposit.

Checks are processed in the same time frame they would be if you took them to the bank. Mobile deposits received by 6:45 pm on a business processing day will be credited to your account by the next day. This service saves money and time allowing your employees to use their time more productively. MDC is simple to use and free up to *30 checks.

  • NPB Business account required
  • Cut off time for same day deposit is 6:45pm
  • Your MDC deposit will be available to see same day on your Business Online Banking**
  • Deposit checks, even when you’re out of town
  • Apply now or see a branch representative

Start depositing your checks with the NPB Business App and Mobile Deposit!

* If merchant deposits over 30 checks, there will be an additional $.99 transaction fee per item that will be billed to your NPB Business Checking account. If merchant exceeds 30 checks a month or more than 5 transactions per day, refer to RDC.
** With the exception of deposits made after the cut off time.

(NOTE: $1,000 limit per item and $1,000 limit per day. Monthly limit of $5,000.)

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